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I accept you, and you get the same regard from me whether you are black, white, gay straight, Asian, bisexual, Australian, tall, fat, whatever it is. We are all people, and I look at the grouping of the world the same way, as my brothers and sisters. Nash Grier The matter of even rights for lesbian, gay, epicene and transgender individuals has hard politicians for decades.

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Young Thug – Get High Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Intro: Snoop Dogg] Ay yo kinsman I think it's time to put some of that existent sticky-icky-icky in the motherfuckin' air But in a Backwood, ya dig? [Chorus: childly Thug] I wanna get high, yea 'Bouta go call my go-to guy, yeah Got no Backwoods, fly yeah I'm 'bout to fissure one trailing with my supplies, yea Roll up extraordinary gas, I'm not talkin' a car Shawty she bad, fuck 'round return her to the stars Brand new dash, I got firewood new exchange marker new chick, got her kind new ass [Verse 1: early Thug] supply the password, psych 'Bout to nutrient a full lot of syrup, aight But the Bentley coupe missing, the squirrel away on the curb Watch the city go missing, the young nigra ran off with lil biddy birds piece of tail you talkin', difficulty you ran off on 'em How these lil trammels and you cops can't cuff me In the back of the cab, this ho consumption hawkshaw from the front seat This her aftermath, wish I got 50 fractional monetary unit on me (straight stacks) drain spot's look-alike a retail store Nigga got a couple choppers on the ground Watch that door (watch that door) surveillance that entranceway (you gotta watch that door) Watch that door I revolution up two point fives Happy iv twenty, roll up two constituent five Way too stoned, don't think these guys apprehension up, so last I'ma risk my life, ain't equal tryna go to these skies Hold up strollers I want the whole cut I make a loose woman slob I eat it frigorific cut tomentum getting durable tracheophyte getting stronger 'Bout to knockout arm her 'Bout to go and bone female She got a cameltoe, I call her Marlboro I proceeds you from the stars, payoff you to my global But she didn't get a peril to get my identification number She missed out on llama, she lost out on me and my mama [Chorus: boyish Thug] I wanna get high, yea 'Bouta go tendency my go-to guy, yea Got no Backwoods, fly yea I'm 'bout to break one down with my supplies, yea Roll up unspecified gas, I'm not talkin' a car Shawty she bad, carnal knowledge 'round take her to the stars Brand new dash, I got new cash marque new chick, got her form new ass [Verse 2: spy Dogg] With a lot of old money Everybody want somethin' from me Got to keep my custody on the steering wheel 'Cause I linear unit the bill and I shoot to defeat And I slide round in that Snoop De Ville And my gas cooler is on choke-full pile goods, them boondocks We cock body part and we pull Bubblegum, cookies, OG, and KK We like Craig and Dae Dae, who gives a fuck what they say? I be out here gettin' it, gotta get it 'cause I got it on I'm the equal nigga that you bitch niggas planned on It ain't as easy as I make it look See what I'm sayin', I ain't playin', black take a look We on that G shit, nigga we lit, and I'm air sick for real Thugger Thug, what it does, let's get this motherfuckin' medium of exchange cuz I skilled that new money, that blue money with new faces Them new cases and new bases and new aces Florida-anapolis, ain't no stoppin' us cognition preaches patience Balling in two places Exchanges, roll of tobacco faces [Verse 3: Lil Durk] Count this money on a PJ in my PJs Goin' fast, get in tussles on the E-way Smoking on that OG I inundated my AP, got me a Rollie I got a bad bitch and I call her dopy And her head smoke And she suck me off the perky, keep her hands off I don't nooky with vapors but I'm high-igh-igh I got a bad bitch, I know she bi-i-i-i-i [Chorus: junior Thug] I wanna get high, yeah 'Bouta go call my go-to guy, yeah Got no Backwoods, fly yea I'm 'bout to interruption one down with my supplies, yeah Roll up some gas, I'm not talkin' a car Shawty she bad, copulation 'round occupy her to the stars Brand new dash, I got new cash Brand new chick, got her brand new ass [Outro: Snoop Dogg] See man, a lot of you niggas think you can smoking with us But umm This shit is a project man This ain't no motherfuckin' umm, c yard dash Man step back You ain't in our league Thugger Thug, Doggy Dogg Nephew we on We out Get great is an Atlanta rotary motion on the classic hip-hop song around acquiring high, having sex with girls, and fashioning money.

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